Aircraft Engines
EVW maintenance can preform maintenance, repairs, and complete overhaul to your engines. Additionally EVW maintenance specializes in historical engines. EVW maintenance can certify engines for you under the FAA regulations. Here below you can find the complete list of engines with which our co-workers have much experience working.


It is also possible to order parts for your aircraft's engine. You can request a quote without obligation healed from this page. It is also possible to request a quote for service or repairs to your aircraft's engine. Ask for a quote for:
 Textron Lycoming
AEIO 320-, AEIO 360-, AEIO 540-, AEIO 580-, HIO 360-, HIO 540-,HO 360-, IO 320-, IO 360-, IO 390-, IO 540-, IO 580-,IO 720-, LIO 320-, LIO 360-, LO 360-, LTIO 540-, LTO 360-, O 145-,O 233-,O 235-, O 290-, O 320-, O 340-,O 360-,O,435-, O 540-, TIO 360-, TIO 540-, TIO 541-,TO 360-, GO 480-, LMO-(L)IO 360-, LMO 580-, LMO-AEIO 390-, LMO-AEIO 580-, LMO-IO 390-,LMO-IO 540-, IVO 540-, R 530-, R 680-, SO 580-,TIGO 541-, TVO 435-,VO 435-, VO 540-, GO 145-,GO 435-, GSO 435-, GSO 480-, GSO 580-, IGO 480-, IGO 540-, IGSO 480,- IGSO 540-,IVO 360-, TIVO 540 Series
Teledyne Continental
A40-, A50-, A65-, A75-, A80-, C75-, C85-, C90-, C115-, C125-, C140-, C145-, E165-, E185-, E225-, O 170-, O 190-, O 200-, O-300-, IO 360-, IO 368-, O-470-, O 520-, O 526-, IO 550-, R670-, W670, R975 Series
 Pratt & Whitney:
985-, 1340 Series                                                                                                 
Franklin Engine CO.:
4A-215, 4AC-150, 6A-150, 6-335A, 6V6-245,6V-350 Series                                                                                         
 Ranger Aircraft engine:
6-440-, L440 Series                                                                            
 DeHavilland / Bristol Siddeley:
Gipsy Major series                                                                            
C 90-, O 200-, O 300-, Gipy Series                               
60-, 150-, 500-, 504-, 506-, 508-, 515 series                        
R1820-, GR1820-, R975 Series                                
 Enma Tigre.:
Tiger G IV Series                                
Curtiss-Wright/Marquette, INC:
G- & F- Series                                                                                                                                                       

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